Our Blended Course is a fast track method of completing your CNA classroom work online anywhere/anytime!! ​

Vision NATP is now offering American Red Cross Blended Learning CNA Training!!

- is a 5 week course

- must be @ least 16 y/o to enroll. need an ID/DL card and a SS card

- need a TB skin test & background check dated within 1 year of applying to the program. a COVID-19 vaccine record is required too.

- $100 registration fee (nonrefundable); $1,000 tuition. Students must put down a minimum of $600. students can make weekly or biweekly payment installments ONLY after the initial $600 is paid.

- must have reliable access to the internet via a mobile phone, laptop, or PC.

- 2 weeks Online theory(40 hrs.) + 3 weeks in class/clinical site skills

- the in class skills will be from 1:00pm-5:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays starting on the 3rd week; site clinical time is from 6:45 am-3:15pm on the 5th week

- students must complete the Online portion successfully prior to coming to perform the skills in the classroom.  

- after successfully completing the course, the student qualifies to take the Credentia CNA365 exam. 

Vision Nurse Aide Training Program, Inc., Medical Training, Macon, GA